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     Have you ever walked into a room and felt your mood change? Energy is contagious. We can be uplifted by the laughter of a stranger and brought down by someone's dark mood. We carry our own joys and traumas, as well as that of our ancestors.

     Clearing the negative energy, whether ours of from others, allows us to live authentically, offering our unique gifts to the world, bringing us fulfillment, happiness, and prosperity. Coupling energy clearing with card readings opens us to divine insight and inspiration.


Energy clearing will leave you feeling lighter and, well, clearer. It can open you to new possibilities for connection, love and joy. Regular sessions will remove not only the energy you've picked up from others, but also negativity and trauma you've experienced


Homes and offices hold our energy and the energy of past occupants from everything from arguments and other negative events to the adverse effects of technology. Space clearing neutralizes this, opening up the space, allowing us to breathe more freely and relax.


     Oracle cards are a tool to guide you to the answers to about what direction to take in any aspect of your life. Using intuition and synchronicity, they bring clarity and a new perspective to your life. 

     Individual readings are accompanied by coaching to help you live fully and authentically.

     Group readings can add excitement and a special bonding experience to an event.


What others are saying

I had no idea what to expect - I was actually a bit nervous. Toni put me at ease, and after the energy clearing, I felt much more calm and relaxed. She also did an energy clearing on my phone and computers, and now I'm much less engaged in social media, which was previously driving me crazy.     -----Pat

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Toni’s skills only get sharper in the time that I have known her. Her energy clearings are getting more spot on each time we meet. I feel wonderful after her card readings as well. Her intuition is a beautiful gift that she shares with the world. And I feel lucky she has shared it with me!             -----Sammi

Toni provided an energy clearing and reading for me with such insightfulness.  I truly appreciate her gentle approach and caring nature.  Her reading brought me clarity, focus, and guidance to move forward with questions in my life. I experienced a lighter and more positive energy after my experiences with Toni.  I believe that Toni truly has a gift and I am very appreciative for having experienced it.                                                  ----Kim