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Did she know her relationship was a hot mess?

I was doing a reading for a woman in the United Arab Emirates recently. Her question was:

Shall I continue to have a loving and monogamous relationship with M?

I explained that I didn’t do yes/no questions and asked if I could reword it to

What does Catherine need t know about a continued loving and monogamous relationship with M?

She agreed and I pulled the cards. I have to say, it didn’t look too rosy.

The cards were: Page of Pentacles, The Moon, 5 of Pentacles, plus an oracle card, Expression

My interpretation was that she prefers things simple, honest and uncluttered. She does not like messy and complicated situations.

So what’s going on here? She wants to believe that everything’s ok. But whether she knew it or not, the relationship is a hot mess. And it looked like she was lying to herself about it. Continued loving relationship? That ship had sailed.

It was time for her to reflect on why she was staying with M. Time to question what was concealed. My gut told me that what was concealed was more “who” than “what” blowing the monogamous part of the question out of the water.

I saw that she was also hiding her authentic self, sacrificing it in an attempt to keep the relationship alive. Her restrictive fears were keeping her self-expression behind a veil.

When things are rough in a relationship, we have two choices: break up or remember the love and fight for it. She could work for their relationship, look for ways to bring more kindness and understanding to it. But I suspected it was past it’s best-used-by date.

Rewording the question and pulling the cards were easy. Now I had to tell her what they said. I decided not to sugar coat it, ending my reading with my standard “let me know if that resonates with you or if I’m completely out to lunch.”

She answered, “It resonates. It’s fine. Am over being sad. It is what it is and you can’t make someone change etc. Onwards and upwards.”

What turns up in the cards should never be a complete surprise. We know, or at least have an inkling, when something is off. She was hoping for love and monogamy with M but she’ll have to find it with someone else.

At the end, I addressed the Expression card, suggesting that she do something creative to help her find her true feelings and the best way to express them. She said, “I was learning guitar, so need to get into that again but he’s a musician lol.”

Yeah, probably not the best way to get over him.

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