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For Change, Go With Your Heart

I am excited to announce my new business, Toni Maddi—Go With Your Heart!

Are you looking for a change? Is your life in a phase of transition? Together we can find the direction your heart and the Universe desire for you.

We will navigate this exciting (and maybe scary!) time using a unique combination of tarot and oracle cards, dream interpretation, Chinese medicine’s Nine Star Ki, energy clearing, and the Book of Destiny.

Tarot is system of divination using cards that originated in the fifteenth century, which makes it sound ancient and mystical. It is, but it’s so much more. Synchronicity and intuition create readings that are amazingly accurate. Oracle cards are based on the tarot model, but do not typically have suits.

Dream interpretation is both universal and individual. Your higher self, your guides, your angels and ancestors can use your dream life to send you messages, signs, and signals. By exploring the themes of your dream life, we’ll uncover deeply personal messages that lead to insight and clarity.

The Nine Star Ki is based in Chinese medicine and reveals your personality and you path for each year, based on a nine-year cycle. By knowing which year you are in, we will be able to create an action plan that will energy you.

The Book of Destiny is similar to the Nine Star Key, but breaks your year down even further, showing step by step what and who you can expect to enter your life.

Your soul has a plan. You came here for a reason. Let’s work together to discover that plan and reason so that you feel joyful and fulfilled every day.

Watch for the official launch for special offers and gifts!


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