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I'm live!

Welcome to my site and my new blog! I am giddy with excitement and thrilled to be able to write with an authentic voice.

I've been a community minister for seventeen years, performing weddings, memorials, and baby blessings for people without a home church and while it has been fulfilling and delightful, I felt a need to hide my inner woo-woo. Well, not anymore!

Reading tarot and oracle cards for myself has guided me to re-create myself and offer my unique gift to others. Not that others don't read cards, but we all have our own style. coupling energy clearing with card reading brings a new perspective to each.

I asked which animal is guiding me in these first few weeks of my new business and pulled Antelope Spirit. Life is speeding up! This card brings to mind the increased pace of my personal evolution. It is time to set my intentions and to act, a time to get moving, to step it up! What a wonderful message!


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