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Pre-Marriage Counseling

It is my goal to help you develop a strong and growing relationship.  I want your marriage to succeed and be a source of inspiration to other couples.  By helping you to build on your strengths, identifying areas for you to enrich and showing you and your partner how to communicate better, you can look forward to a long and beautiful marriage


If you are wondering if marriage preparation is for you, the answer is yes!  Marriage preparation increases the chances of your marriage being a success by up to thirty percent.  With half of all first marriages ending in divorce, you want to be sure that your chances of not being included in that statistic are as good as they can possibly be.

Our first step is to complete a 165-question inventory that assesses your relationship for strength and growth areas such as

  •  Communication
  •  Conflict resolution
  •  Personality issues
  •  Marriage expectation
  •  Financial management
  •  Leisure activities
  •  Sexual relationship
  •  Children and parenting
  •  Family and friends
  •  Relationship roles
  •  Spiritual beliefs
  •  Couple closeness and flexibility
  •  Family closeness and flexibility

Then I will facilitate discussions with you for three or six sessions.  Each session will strengthen your love as you get to know each other (and yourself!) on a deeper level.  Exercises will be given for the next week to give you a chance to explore the topics we discussed, helping to safeguard your relationship and keep it vital.

Marriage Preparation or Enrichment

3 sessions: $400 (plus a $30 scoring fee)

In-depth Preparation or Enrichment

6 sessions: $675 (plus a $30 scoring fee)

For more information on Life Innovation’s Prepare/Enrich Program click HERE