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Energy clearing will leave you feeling lighter and, well, clearer. It can open you to new possibilities for connection, love and joy. Regular sessions will remove not only the energy you've picked up from others, but also negativity and trauma you've experienced


Homes and offices hold our energy and the energy of past occupants from everything from arguments and other negative events to the adverse effects of technology. Space clearing neutralizes this, opening up the space, allowing us to breathe more freely and relax.


     Oracle cards are a tool to guide you to the answers to about what direction to take in any aspect of your life. Using intuition and synchronicity, they bring clarity and a new perspective to your life. 

     Individual readings are accompanied by coaching to help you live fully and authentically.

     Group readings can add excitement and a special bonding experience to an event.


Toni Maddi has performed over five hundred wedding, memorial, and baby blessing ceremonies. Each ceremony is distinctive, bringing in the traditions, philosophies and personalities of the individuals..  The ceremonies can be spiritual or non-religious, traditional or completely unique   Her goal is to give you exactly what you picture when you envision the perfect ceremony.

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